From and email

From Ed Rudy at Hot Box Review:

From Gary Floyd of The Dicks (one of my fav-o-rite all time singers!!)

Dear Dick Friends,
The Dicks are up for the AUSTIN MUSIC HALL OF FAME!!
I know most of you do not live in Austin ,or even Texas. It doesn’t matter. It will take a few seconds for you to vote….its done on line with the big music mag in Austin..THE AUSTIN CHRONICAL—
its a ballot
you can scroll to the bottom of the page
check the Dicks

you do have to fill out a name and address thing…its not a spam–its just so people don’t cheat
it would mean a lot to the dicks—
please do this for us…..
go to:

little gary floyd

you have till jan 30–so do it now…..pleeeese