From an email…

Hey Craig!

What’s going on up there? Getting enough snow? I would love to come up there one day with the family. It would be great to see you.

I know this isn’t Houston related…directly, but these guys were absolutely one of the biggest hardcore influences there ever were, so that makes the Houston, and everywhere else, connection.

I just saw a documentary about The Minutemen entitled ‘We Jam Econo’.
It was cool! Definitely worth watching/owning. Especially because it’s a double DVD with live footage. I love their music, and it was cool to see their history and all. Praise from a lot of people, including Flea and Ian MacKaye. They loved Punk, but they loved rock as well, so I really related with them, as you know I was into a lot of Classic Rock even when I was throwing down hardcore stuff. Mike obviously loved funk as well! They tried to stay away from every stereotype. People judged them because they didn’t fit the punk/ hardcore mold, which is ironic, as punk and hardcore should never have been a cookie-cutter genre. They got spit on at shows. The young punks just didn’t understand it. Great stuff.

My story is that I remember hearing about them when I was 13-14, and they were to play at The International House on Westheimer (near Numbers). I showed up ready to see this legendary band…only to find out that it was a freakin 21 and over show. That made a lot of sense.
So I just hung out for a bit outside. The next thing I knew, Tara Swate calls, “Hey, Mark! Come here!” She’s standing at the front door calling me to come in. I go in and she introduces me to George the drummer. He was very nice. This really stood out, because a lot of the guys, in fact, most everyone I knew in the scene acted the punk thing, which was to either be an asshole or at least to have an attitude. These guys didn’t. They just loved music. And I kick myself now because I don’t know why I didn’t continue to sneak in. I just walked out! Urgh!

D. Boone died later that year.