Fuck It – Bark Hard – The National Band of Texas

This has to be my favorite band from Houston. I listened to this on cassette over and over and over and over again. I was totally stoked to see it reissued on CD, which you kind at GringoSkateboards.com

Total skate/punk/hardcore and with killer lyrics. Short, fast loud and the guitar just kills… it’s always just licking it up and adding a flavor to the rest of the straight ahead hardcore. And, no, it’s not the Wellbutrin and Diazepam I’m on right now.

Scene Aint Dead, man, thats what it was all about, plus a little ICB, Kicked Me Out of hell is hilarious and I play Bark Hard for my 4 year old shredder to get him pumped up.

The original album was Shut Up and Skate on Zorlac Records (and skate board company, duh). I know John Gibson had checked this sight out, fill in some shit man… Speaking of Zorlac, I also dug Contortion Session (any info on them?).

Here they are folks…



Kicked Me Out of Hell

Bark Hard

Party Bark Hardy

Scene Ain’t Dead