Woozyhelmet…. the review

OK… i’ve given it enough time and tons of listens. Not something I’m totally in love with. Here’s what comes to mind: The Jesus Lizard, noise, lo-fi, feedback, distortion, Weezer….


So, i got an email a while back asking me to check out a new release from from a band. Something about me being an “esteemed music blogger of America”…

SPIN Magazine

I’m not sure if Charlie from Dresden 45 told you about this, but he and Chuck Roast were mentioned in this month’s SPIN magazine in a Houston section. That was…

Cassette tape lovers rejoice!

I found a tape player and I’m digitizing the Funhouse Show I got in the mail a few weeks back. In case you want one…http://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/product.aspx?product=238&post=51 -Craig